Public Policy

The Youth Development Institute of Puerto Rico is a nonprofit organization working to advance public policies- at both the federal and commonwealth level- that improve the lives of children and youth in Puerto Rico. We are focused on the reduction of child poverty and in promoting economic security for families.

The Children’s Budget analyzes the Puerto Rican government’s investments in children and their families over the past four fiscal years, within the following categories:

  • -Health
  • -Education
  • -Economic Assistance
  • -Juvenile Justice (Correction)
  • -Early Childhood (Education)
  • -Child Welfare
  • -Economic Self-sufficiency
  • -Health and Mental Well-being
  • -Safety
  • -Social and Integral Development

The study is based on a detailed investigation of the budget analysis conducted by the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of the University of Cayey in Puerto Rico: Budget Analysis of the Puerto Rican Government Agencies Providing Services to Children. The study was led by Dr. José Caraballo Cueto t shows the patterns of investments in programs that directly and indirectly impact children and youth in Puerto Rico. This matter has special relevance in the context of the island’s fiscal crisis, which will continue to lead to difficult decisions on public investment.

2018 Children’s Budget