Early Childhood Observatory

Learn the state of our children.

What is the Council?

The Multisectoral Council of Early Childhood is the integrating entity of public policy for early childhood in Puerto Rico. It was created by Act 93 of 2008, and reactivated by Executive Order 008 of 2014. The Council’s mission is to provide the population with “the opportunity to have an optimal, integral development through a comprehensive and coordinated system of integrated, available, accessible and high quality services.”

Among other functions, the Council is responsible for strategic planning, identifying financial resources, contributing to initiatives and programs, and coordinating between public and private agencies to achieve effective and cost efficient services. Their vision is for children to have access to the necessary living conditions in their family, community and society, for their welfare and optimal integral development.

The Council’s strategic plan aims to “develop a coordinated and continuous data system and to research issues related to early childhood that support evidence-based decision making.” Its Data System Committee proposed the creation of the Early Childhood Observatory as the first vital step in this direction.

The seven focal areas established for the implementation of Act 93 by the system of services for early childhood are: