Early Childhood Observatory

Learn the state of our children.

What is the Early Childhood Observatory?

It is a virtually based Center in which key data on early childhood is collected, organized and managed in an even and coordinated way. It systematically and continuously displays information on relevant aspects of their state for observation, analysis and use in the development of research, public policy, planning and best practices in the service systems of Puerto Rico. The observatory aims to organize data on children, families, programs and human resources to better identify and coordinate their needs and different types of services.

The Observatory’s objective is to contribute to the welfare, comprehensive development and reduction of inequalities in early childhood, as well as the education of anyone interested in promoting it (such as families, providers, the general public, sponsors, public policy makers, etc.). Through the Observatory, we want to contribute to the positive transformation of the environments and conditions that affect the lives of children at an early age, and to make their development one of our country’s main priorities.

The Observatory of Early Childhood of Puerto Rico was developed as a cross-sector social responsibility initiative led by the Multisectoral Council on Early Childhood. The Institute of Statistics and the Center for Research and Sociomedical Evaluation (CIES) of the University of Puerto Rico, Medical Science Campus, participate as scientific partners and the Institute for Youth Development participates as an implementing partner.

More than 195 indicators, identified as crucial in other international observatories, were evaluated to create the Observatory. Based on this, the Council’s Data System Committee made an initial selection of 70 indicators that make up the First Generation of the Early Childhood Observatory of Puerto Rico.