Advocacy and Community Mobilization Project
Young members of the Boys & Girls Clubs Luis Lloréns Torres Public Housing Project

Beraliz Germocén González y Nilsa Saldaña Clemente, quienes viven en el residencial Luis Lloréns Torres, piden al Gobierno que piense en los jóvenes al establecer política pública relacionada con la crisis fiscal.

YDI’s advocacy work is driven by data and people, with the objective of advancing public policies at both the federal and state level to improve the lives and development of children and youth in Puerto Rico. This direct connection to children, families and communities is made possible by a dual strategy with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico. This allows us to root data in real-life context, gain input from those affected to validate public policies and to promote the mobilization of people who advocate for issues that affect children, youth and their families.

El Proyecto de Abogacía y Movilización Comunitaria integra a jóvenes participantes del Boys & Girls Clubs del Residencial Luis Lloréns Torres, para proveer herramientas de liderazgo y portavocía en función del empoderamiento de su comunidad y para promover la formación ciudadana, a través de posturas de política pública que favorezcan el bienestar colectivo.

The Advocacy and Community Mobilization Project integrates participants of the Boys & Girls Clubs from the Luis Lloréns Torres Public Housing Project to provide advocacy and leadership tools in order to empower their community and promote the education of their citizens through public policy that promote the collective well-being.

It has an on-site media lab to produce educational and social awareness campaigns through community projects that promote the arts and the use of alternative media.

One of the advocacy projects developed by the youth of Lloréns Torres in 2017 was their appeal to the government to include the youth voice in the public conversation in the conversations around labor reform. In addition, at that moment there were other issues pending that concerned the youth, such as the proposed change to the minimum wage, which included changes to the minimum wage for youth ages 16 to 25 in Puerto Rico.

In addition, as part of the educational effort, the youth presented a collection of data with the purpose of disseminating the nuances of the problems facing them today.

Beraliz Germocén González and Nilsa Saldaña Clemente, who live in the Luis Lloréns Torres Public Housing Project, ask the government to think about young people when establishing public policy related to the fiscal crisis.