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Ensuring the Success and Wellbeing of the “Maria Generation”: A Public Policy Guide

How do we ensure that the lives of children and youth, especially those who were already living in poverty, are not severely destabilized in the face of another disaster? This policy playbook attempts to answer this question by providing a set of practical recommendations that could be implemented by government, philanthropy and the private sector.

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Puerto Rico Children & Youth Task Force

The Puerto Rico Children & Youth Task Forceis a work group founded by Save the Children, the federal Administration for Children and Families, and currently managed by the Youth Development Institute of Puerto Rico. The group was formed to promote active collaboration between government agencies, community base organizations, academia and private entities that work with children and youth.

The collective was formed in 2017 with the purpose of meeting the immediate needs of children and young adults, shortly after hurricane Maria. Initially, it assembled for information sharing and to coordinate rapid responses during the emergency. Later, the group refocused into specific initiatives to respond to children’s mental health needs after the emergency; and to help communities and families with small children to be ready for future emergencies.

Puerto Rico Children & Youth Task Force