Advocacy Academy

Our Advocacy Academy is an organizing movement for mothers, fathers, caregivers, and youth. We support participants from all over Puerto Rico to imagine and build a more just and equitable world for themselves and their families.

We want Puerto Rican families to have the power to influence decisions, projects, and public policies that affect their lives.

Currently 382,987 minors between 0 and 17 years old live below the poverty level. Not having a voice in public conversations that directly affect them on issues such as housing, violence, education and economic security, among others, has a serious impact on the development of effective public policy and on the collective aspirations of our country.

This academy aims to:

  • Promote spaces for community mobilization
  • Develop advocacy skills in mothers and young spokespersons
  • Engage potential spokespersons and organizers to lead advocacy efforts in defense of the causes they decide to support.

Advocacy Academy held on December 7th, 2019