Children’s Budget

The Children’s Budget is a great tool for organizations and advocates that work with children and youth so they can understand and demand a better public budget for children. The report is part of the YDI’s interest in promoting a monitoring culture, accountability and advocacy efforts in favor of adequate and effective investments for the children and youth of Puerto Rico.

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2019 Children’s Budget

2018 Children’s Budget

House of Representatives Bill H.R. 1378

Most of our policy work focuses on ensuring adequate and effective public investments for children. In our 2018 and 2019 Children’s Budget reports we highlighted how difficult it was to find reliable data on how effective public investments on programs that served children and their families where. Hence, we recommended legislative action to initiate an inquiry into this matter.

This effort resulted in legislation that passed last April 2019 in the form of H.R. 1378. This bill orders the Commission of Federal and International Affairs and Status to conduct a research -through a survey to 19 agencies- on the use of evidence-based practices, and creates a volunteer expert work group to interpret the results of the survey and submit recommendations to the commission.

We are currently working hand in hand with the Commission to gather the necessary data and produce policy recommendation for both the executive and legislative branches.

For more information on the Commission’s work click here. You may also track H.R. 1378 progress here.